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Multiple (11 unica) - Special occasion exhibition 'the moment' @ ruimteCAESUUR
Ongoing exhibition in ruimteCAESUUR Middelburg NL    -    till 6 June 2015
Ongoing exhibition in Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam NL   -    till 31 May 2015

Erasing # 1 Opening performance Aimée Terburg, Giel Louws @ ruimteCAESUUR

Coming up:
Tekenkabinet 3
, Museum Waterland, Purmerend NL   -    100 drawing artists 19 - 30 August 2015
The Fantastic Expedition of Painting #2, LaKaserna, Bad Nieuweschans NL   -   Oct / Nov 2015

New work:
Paintings in series FarbY
  With kind regards, Aimée Terburg

Multiple (11 unica)
- special occasion:
Exhibition 'the moment' Aimée Terburg @ ruimteCAESUUR, 18 April - 6 June 2015, Middelburg NL.

Hans Overvliet and Willy van Houtum invited me to make a multiple to accompany my exhibition in their project space ruimteCAESUUR. I did and enjoyed doing so, with the result of 11 unica pretending to be a multiple.
Edition 11: collage, 18 x 13 x 0.2 cm, acrylic (handpainted) on polyester mounted on dibond, € 120,= / piece, (worldwide postage included).

Do you want one of the multiples? Mail with your name, address, country and the code of the multiple. You will receive BIC and IBAN. After payment you will receive the work. First mailed, first served.

Download the pdf catalogue with pictures of the multiple here.

2015   2015
Collage, 18 x 13 x 0.2 cm, acrylic (handpainted) on polyester mounted on dibond, € 120,= (worldwide postage included)

  M1517-extra (11)
Collage, 17 x 13 x 0.2 cm, acrylic (handpainted) on polyester mounted on dibond, € 120,= ( (worldwide postage included)



Quote Hans Overvliet and Willy van Houtum:
"Twintig Jaar geleden begonnen we kunstenaars – met als inspiratiebron galerie Mortagon in Vaison la Romaine - te vragen een multiple te maken bij hun tentoonstelling. Dit vanuit het idee om actuele kunst ook voor liefhebbers met een kleine portemonnee toegankelijk te maken. Met die traditie zijn we opnieuw gestart.

Aimée Terburg maakte op ons verzoek voor haar tentoonstelling ‘the moment’ een multiple bestaande uit 10 unica: collage, zonder titel (code M1517 - 1 t/m 10), 2015,
18 x 13 x 0,2 cm, acryl (handgeschilderd) op polyester op dibond, € 120,- per stuk en 1 extra: zonder titel (M1517-00), 2015, 17 x 13 x 0,2 cm, acryl (handgeschilderd) op polyester op dibond ook € 120,= incl portokosten. RuimteCAESUUR rekent geen courtage.

Wil je in het bezit komen van één van de multiples, mail dan naar o.v.v. van je naam, adres en de code van de multiple. Wanneer het bedrag is bijgeschreven op IBAN NL43 INGB 0002 6695 59 t.n.v. St. Caesuur te Middelburg ontvang je jouw multiple."

Download de pdf catalogus met foto's van alle collages van de multiple hier.
Op volgorde van binnengekomen mails beschikbaar.





Solo show  'the moment' @ Ruimte Caesuur, 18 April - 06 June 2015


Paintings and interventions in the space of ruimteCAESUUR (NL) that connect with the poem 'Moment' of W. Szymborska

It’s nine-thirty local time.
Everything’s in its place and in polite agreement.
In the valley a little brook cast as a little brook.
A path in the role of a path from always to ever.
Woods disguised as woods alive without end,
and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.
This moment reigns as far as the eye can reach. 
One of those earthly moments
invited to linger.

Wislawa Szymborska |1923 – 2012 | from 'Moment', 2003
Translated from the Polish by Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh








Design of the new exhibition space of
ruimteCAESUUR since january 2015 by Johan de Koning

Open Friday & Saturday 14 - 17.00 hr
Ruimte Caesuur, Lange Noordstraat 67, Middelburg NL

Arti et Amicitiae                                                                                                                   
09 May - 31 May 2015      

'Hangen doe je toch'    -   Arti 175 years: anniversary exhibition

To celebrate their 175th anniversary, Arti et Amicitiae invited every artmember of this great artist society to submit a small work of art for a 35 x 35 cm space on the wall. That means a grid with 570 unexpected combinations of art, numbers chosen by 'lucky dip'. An exhibition in progress with lots of different art. A wonderfull sight.

Finnisage 31 May 16.00 - 18.00 hr

2015   2015

         Open: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00 hr
         Rokin 112, Amsterdam NL 


Erasing # 1 Opening performance: Aimée Terburg, Giel Louws @ ruimteCAESUUR

For an opening of the exhibition 'the moment' in ruimteCAESUUR on the 18th of April, I worked out a long ongoing thought about art & its process and place in society.


I invited artist Giel Louws to erase my specially made drawing for him (32 x 24 cm), as an opening performance. With this act my series Erasing is started.

Only the people who visited the opening saw the drawing. The drawing is documented and archived but will never be published. Only the memory of the drawing and act and the documented act will remain next to the erased drawing itself.
The drawing Erasing #1 is a gift to Giel Louws and will be gifts in the future to the people who I invite to erase my drawings.


How the performance was experienced can't be grasped in words totally. For everyone: audience, me as maker of the drawing and the erasing artist, it was a different mixture of emotions, associations and questions that arose which I wanted this performance to evoke.

After the intens act by Giel Louws that was performed after minutes of his taking in the drawing and my also intens watching this erasing, all witnessed in silence by everyone; after the drawing was erased, some broke out in remarks, questions. A conversation started while a lot of thoughts, emotions and associations where still finding their way.

This week I recieved an email by one of the visitors who described his experience and associations beautifully, which I am grateful for. A one-time-experience thanks to Giel Louws, ruimteCAESUUR and all visitors of the opening.


New paintings in series Far bY

Click here for more new paintings in this series


Untitled (series Far bY nr 17 + 16), 2015, acrylic on polyester, 100 x 70 x 5 cm

With kind regards, Aimée Terburg

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